About Us

The present University College reached this status from its origin as Provincial School by passing through different phases at different periods of time. During the colonial period the institution developed as to the needs of the colonial governance and in the postcolonial period the development of the institution was oriented towards the needs of the larger public in and around Mangalore town. At present the institution is striving hard to fulfil the requirements of students who are entering into the global world.
In the wake of colonial modernity, the traditional, classical education system in India saw a threat in the form of English education. In Mangalore, alongside the British there was German intervention as well in the field of education. Basel Mission which contributed to a great deal to the economic development of the coastal region also contributed to the field of education. In 1824, Basel Mission introduced the first English medium School in Mangalore namely, the Provincial School. The intervention of Basel Mission was received with mixed feelings and reactions from the natives.More