The College has a spacious playground measuring about 40×110 m which is utilized by the students for their various sports activities. Apart from the main ground there are throw ball, Volley ball and Tennis courts. There is a spacious sports room with facilities for Indoor games such as table tennis, carom, chess etc. The campus also houses a state of the art multi-gym utilized by the students and staff of the College. The spacious playground of the College allows other organizations and Institutions to conduct sports-meets, coaching camps and cultural programmes on nominal rent. The Alumni association of the College conducts sports and cultural activities annually.

The students are trained by the physical education directors to participate in the inter-collegiate competitions and events organized by various Colleges and University. They practice in the morning hours before commencement of the regular classes and evening hours after the regular classes.

The Sports Association trains the students throughout the year in various indoor and outdoor games. The college has provided a platform to students to get exposure to sports persons and their skills of the university area and also the state. This is done by convening university/state level sports meets and also hosting the meets convened by external agencies in the college premises.

  • Uniforms are provided to the students who represent the College in various sports and games events.

  • Refreshment is provided to the Athletes after the regular practice sessions.

  • They are given the opportunities to attend the coaching camps.

  • The students who represent the College in the Inter–University Tournaments are encouraged by giving cash awards. Materials such as Football studs, Athletic Spikes etc. are provided to the deserving talented students.

  • Annual Sports: The College Annual Sports is held at the end of academic year. Regular inter-class sports competition are held every year to encourage budding sports talents among the students.

  • The college distributes sports kits and makes all necessary arrangements for the students who participate in inter college or university level competitions.

  • Incentive to Outstanding Sports Person: The students who represents University level and above are provided with incentives. Special privileges like attendance, re-examination for internal assessment is given to enable them to participate in different competitions.

  • Achievements in Sports 2021-22

  • Achievements in Sports 2022-23